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About Centurion Stone

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Timeless Beauty, Enhanced by Technology


example of workFor over 35 years Centurion Stone has successfully reproduced the beauty and durability of natural stone. Recognized as a standard within the building industry, architects, designers, contractors and remodeling companies throughout the country confirm the integrity of Centurion Stone Products with every job they specify.

Centurion Stone looks like and feels like natural stone. That's because they are made from natural stone patterns. Colors and textures are carefully controlled, and the reduced weight and cost of Centurion Stone makes it more desirable, with more choices than natural stone.

Centurion has more than Fifty (50) Patterns and Two Hundred (200) Colors and a complete line of accessory items and corner pieces to complement each Centurion Stone product line. Centurion Stone is now available throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.


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